Neo-Obscurantism Unmasked

Appeal to Laziness

Appeal to Laziness is a logical fallacy and rhetorical tactic specifically crafted for the purpose of dismissing without rebuttal any evidence for alternative claims.
It is usually stated in the form "It takes more energy to debunk a statement than to come up with it", which is already an unsubstantiated claim, but what it actually means in its practical use is: "Too much evidence in favor of a non-accepted claim can be dismissed without evidence."; and since no objective standard of "too much" is ever provided, the coexistence between this tactic and the Default Denial one effectively guarantees that no contrary statement will ever be able to afford the luxury of a rational debate (though in order to mantain an appearance of honesty, this tactis is usually only used as a last resort when evidence becomes too overwhelming to be directly refuted, and/or when all other debating tricks failed).
Like many other fake logic principles, the appeal to laziness also lacks any substantiation of its claim as well as any justification of its formal validity; it goes contrary to all accepted rules of logic and science, which should remain valid in any case and cannot make arbitrary distinctions between "accepted" or "alternative" claims; which means that, paradoxically, once this trick is accepted as valid, supporters of alternative theories would automatically acquire the right to use it in reverse, in other words: to dismiss any accepted truth and any form of debunking without resorting to any counter-argument.