Neo-Obscurantism Unmasked

Controlled opposition

Controlled opposition is a term used to refer to any person, group, idea or narrative that superficially appears to be radically opposed to the mainstream ones, but is actually promoted by the same people, and for the same purposes (i.e.: social control, political power, economic convenience).
Controlled opposition can manifest itself in various forms (a isolated person who exposes mainstream lies and deception, a group of people promoting a radical social change, a minoritarian political party, an alternative theory, an internet blog or forum promoting ideas that go contrary to the establishment, etc.), it can be obtained from genuine opposition by infiltrating and subverting it, or it can be entirely manufactured from the ground up; and the degree of discrepance between their ideas and the ones promoted by the establishment can vary: in some cases they might be almost the same on a very superficial level, but with just a different wording in order to fool people into thinking they are different; in other cases they might effectively be radically different and incompatible on a fundamental level, but still leave untouched some very specific critical issues; and in some other cases they might address the really crucial issues, but just lie about their real intentions and do nothing in practice about it.
Controlled opposition makes up a huge portion of propaganda and can serve a variety of purposes: