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Neo-Obscurantism is an extremely widespread cultural phenomenon characterized by blind acritical acceptance of notions, models and narratives provided by mainstream mass media (television, newspapers, etc...), and by an irrational instinctive rejection of any idea and/or information that contradicts them, coupled with strong hostility against anyone who proposes such ideas/informations.


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Individuals affected by neo-obscurantism most of the time act and behave in an almost indistinguishable way from a normal person; the symptoms start to manifest the moment the subject encounters an information that contradicts the mainstream version; some subjects react with hysterical outbursts of fear and/or rage and/or hilarity, some other by falling into an unresponsive dazed state, as if not able to elaborate what has been said.
The neo-obscurantist personality is almost always recognizeable by the following symptoms:


At the roots of Neo-Obscurantism lie well-known and widely recognized psychological mechanisms:

All these mechanisms are actively exploited by mainstream media to indoctrinate people through a wide array of psychological tactics:


The spread of neo-obscurantism is extremely dangerous due to its power to render affected people completely submissive to autority and, by consequence, easily manipulable by propagandists and political agitators for socially deleterious purposes, including but not limited to:


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author: AbsoluteZero