Neo-Obscurantism Unmasked

Projective Identification

Projective identification is the tactic of hiding a doctrine by labeling its absence instead of the doctrine itself.
The main difference between the traditional religions/ideologies and the modern ones is that the traditional ones and their followers adopted well-defined official names and symbols in order to identify themselves, and exposed their beliefs in very clear and explicit terms; this made them clearly recognizeable by anyone, followers and opposers alike, and therefore easily addressable.
In contrast, the modern religions and ideologies derived by neo-obscurantism never identify themselves through official names or symbols and never explicitly state their actual beliefs; this gives them a huge advantage because it makes them "invisible" and way more difficult to be recognized by the average person (even though they can still be clearly identified by the existence of a very well-defined set of unstated dogmas). Instead, they prefer to come up with labels for the *absence* of their ideology: in other words, instead of naming themselves, they label everyone who does *not* follow their ideology, and instead of explicitly stating their beliefs, they just attack those who do *not* profess those beliefs. In this way, the modern doctrines are not seen as "doctrines" but as simple "common sense", almost as if they were self-evident truths not even requiring any actual proof, and their believers as "normal" people; on the contrary, every other opinion (including the actual common sense, the absence of any strong opinion on the subject, or even very similar but not equally extreme positions), now rebranded as some form of "-ism", is seen as some bizarre ideology, and the actually normal people as the "strange" or "brainwashed" ones.
This causes a complete perceptive shift in the ideological spectrum, where the absolute extreme becomes the only "moderate" position and every other one becomes "extremist".

Typical examples:

Doctrine: "authorities can never conspire against the interests of the people"
Made-up term for believers of this doctrine: none
Made-up term for *everyone* else: "conspiracy theorist"

Doctrine: "all vaccines are safe, all vaccines are necessary and they should be mandatory"
Made-up term for believers of this doctrine: none
Made-up term for *everyone* else: "no-vax"

Doctrine: "the Covid-19 pandemic is devastating and requires the abolition of personal freedom and the destruction of natinal economy"
Made-up term for believers of this doctrine: none
Made-up term for *everyone* else: "denialists"